Term Definition DIKSHA Context
Benchmark Benchmark is the standard point of comparison. It is set as the highest point of achievement/comparison.  
Benchmark Assessment Benchmark assessments are short tests which are administered in class throughout the academic year to help teachers assess the academic performance of students. Benchmark assessments can be created on the inbuilt content editor. These assessments can be added to courses, lessons etc. to track the progress of a user’s learning curve.
Board A body of individuals governing rules and policies of education system. Board could be central level or state level. When creating content on DIKSHA, it is imperative to tag the content to any board, state or central, to help consecutive users search for the content. Content matter may vary from one board to another.
Book Book is a collection of content units. On DIKSHA, books are typically replicas of physical textbooks. As a result, the books have the same Table of Contents (TOC) as that of the physical textbook. If the physical textbooks have QR and DIAL codes, you may link additional content to each heading in the book, thus making it an Energized Textbook.
Bulk Upload Uploading a set of files at once. On DIKSHA, when creating content, content can be uploaded in bulk. Content can be text, audio or video. Supported file formats are: .pdf, .mp4, .webm, YouTube URLs, HTML, ECML (created using the inbuilt content editor), EPUB, H5P. File size should not exceed 50MB per file.